A space is SilverBullet terminology for a workspace, or project. Obsidian calls this a vault, LogSeq calls it a graph. You may think of it as a folder or a directory — because in practical terms, that’s all it is.

Feel free to back-up or manipulate your space’s folder and its files with whatever tool you like — you don’t have to use SilverBullet exclusively. You may want to turn your space’s folder into a git repository, for instance, and do version control and back-ups that way — in which case you may appreciated the Git plug.

A space consists of

Folder lay-out

Every space in SilverBullet at the very least has an index page (by default named index.md) and a SETTINGS page (named SETTINGS.md). If you install custom Plugs, these will be kept under _plug in your space’s folder.