The Tasks plug implements task support in SilverBullet.

Task states

The tasks plug support the standard “done” and “not done” states via [x] and [ ] notation in the context of a list (this is fairly widely accepted Markdown syntax):

  • This is a task (toggle me!)

However, custom states can also be used for extra flexibility:

  • TODO This task is still to do
  • IN PROGRESS In progress task
  • RESOLVED A resolved task
  • - Whatever this state means
  • / Or this one

You can cycle through the states by clicking on the status or by running the command while on a task. There is also auto complete for all known custom task states in a space.

To delete completed task from a page you can use .


Tasks can also be annotated with Tags:

  • This is a tagged task #my-tag

As well as Attributes:

  • This is a task with attributes


Tasks can specify deadlines:

  • This is due 📅 2022-11-26

When the cursor is positioned inside of a due date, the command can be used to postpone the task for a certain period.


All meta data (done status, state, tags, deadline and custom attributes) is extracted and available via the task query source to Live Queries:

task where page =


There is a task template you can use to render tasks nicely rather than using the default table (as demonstrated above). When you use this template, you can even cycle through the states of the task by click on its state inside the rendered query, and it will update the state of the original task automatically, this works across pages.