The page picker functions as the primary way to navigate between Pages, as well as a way to create new ones.

The page picker can be invoked by clicking the ๐Ÿ“” icon in the top bar, or by pressing Cmd-k on Mac, or Ctrl-k on Windows/Linux.

The main input is the filter phrase and can be used to narrow down the list of page results.

If the filter phrase contains #tags the results will be filtered based on matching those tags.

note Note
Templates, even though technically regular pages, do not appear in the page picker. To navigate to them, use the Template Picker instead.

Pressing the Enter key will open/create the selected page. Pressing Shift-Enter will always open or create (if it doesn't already exist) the page exactly matching the filter phrase. Therefore, if you intend to create a new page, simply type the name of the new page and hit Shift-Enter.

Result ordering

When no filter phrase is entered, pages are ordered by either last opened, or last modified date in descending order. This makes it convenient to switch between recently edited pages.

When entering a filter phrase, the best matches should appear closer to the top, however the second option will always be an option to create a new page with exactly the page name entered as the filter phrase.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Enter: selects the highlighted page from the list and navigate there. If that page is marked with โ€œCreateโ€ it will create that page.
  • Shift-Enter: navigate to the page entered in as the filter phrase.
  • Space: with an empty filter phrase will attempt to do something intelligent:
    • If the currently opened page is nested in a folder, it will auto complete the current folder name in its place.
    • If the currently opened page name starts with an emoji, it will complete that emoji in its place.
    • Otherwise, it will complete the full page name of the currently open page.
  • ArrowUp/ArrowDown: move up and down the highlighted page list
  • PageUp/PageDown: move up and down 5 entries in the page list in one go
  • Home: moves to the start of the list
  • End: moves to the end of the list
  • Escape: closes the page picker UI

Mouse/touch operation

You can obviously scroll and select an item from the list by clicking with the mouse, as well as close the page picker by clicking outside of it.