Live Template Widgets allow you to automatically render templated markdown widgets at the top or bottom of pages matching specific criteria.

warning Warning
This feature is still experimental, aspects of it may change, or it could be removed altogether.


Live Template Widgets are regular Templates that set a or hooks.bottom attribute (depending on where you would like them to appear), specifying:

  • where: should contain an Live Queries$expression that evaluates to true for the pages you would like to apply this template to, usually this checks for a specific tag, but it can be any expression. Think of this as a where clause that should match for the pages this template is applied to.
  • order (optional): in case you have multiple templates that have matching where expression, the one with the priority set to the lowest number wins.


The following widget template applies to all pages tagged with person (see the where). It uses the Linked Tasks template to show all incomplete tasks that contain a link to the current page.

tags: template 'tags = "person"'
## Incoming tasks
page: "[[! Tasks]]"

More examples can be found here.