It is a common SilverBullet pattern to give people, groups of people and places dedicated pages so you can easily reference them. It then becomes very convenient to mention these pages elsewhere in your space, and using Linked Mentions you can easily find what pages link back to that page.

The equivalent of this idea the context of Tasks is Linked Tasks. These are tasks that mention a particular page.

Example workflow

Let’s say you keep notes of 1-on-1 meetings with people. You have a page for each person where you keep notes for each of your sessions. As you talk to person A, something comes up that you need to discuss with person B. B also has their own page. What you can do is simply create a task on your note page with A (so you don’t have to context switch) that includes a link to B.


Below are two tasks that mention this very page (this is not the general pattern, just for demonstration purposes). Note that the not completed task is listed at the top of this page as well in the “Linked Tasks” widget.

Implementation: Linked Tasks