Federation enables browsing, and synchronizing (parts of) spaces outside the user’s space into your SilverBullet client.

This enables a few things:

  • Linking and browsing to other publicly hosted SilverBullet spaces (or websites adhering to its API). For instance the SilverBullet CHANGELOG without leaving the comfort of your own SilverBullet client.
  • Reusing content from externally hosted sources, such as:
    • Libraries synchronization. By federating with silverbullet.md/Library/Core, you will get you access to the templates hosted there without copying (‘ing) them and automatically pull in the latest versions.
    • Data: such as tasks, item, data hosted elsewhere that you want to query from your own space.

Note: Federation does not support authentication yet, so all federated spaces need to be unauthenticated and will be read-only.


Browsing other publicly hosted spaces is as simple as navigating to a page starting with ! such as CHANGELOG.


To synchronize federated content into your client, you need to list these URIs in your SETTINGS under the federate key. For instance:

- uri: silverbullet.md/Library/Core/

This will synchronize all content under !silverbullet.md with a Library/Core/ prefix (so all templates hosted there) locally.

Currently, content can only be synchronized in read-only mode, so you can not edit the synchronized files. This will likely change in the future.


Tooling to make hosting public spaces is still a work in progress.