Attribute syntax can contribute additional Metadata to various Objects, including:

  • Pages
  • Items
  • Tasks


The syntax is as follows:

[attributeName: value]

For Obsidian/LogSeq compatibility, you can also double the colon like this: [attributeName:: value]

Attribute names need to be alpha-numeric. Values are interpreted as YAML values. So here are some examples of valid attribute definitions:

  • string:
  • number:
  • array:

Multiple attributes can be attached to a single entity, e.g. like so:

  • Some item


Depending on where these attributes appear, they attach to different things. For instance, this attaches an attribute to a page:

However, usually, Frontmatter is used for this purpose instead.

Example query:

page where name = select name, pageAttribute 

This attaches an attribute to an item:

  • Item #specialitem

Example query:

specialitem where itemAttribute = "hello" select name, itemAttribute 

This attaches an attribute to a task:

  • Task

Example query:

task where page = "Attributes" and taskAttribute = "hello" select name, taskAttribute