While SilverBullet for sure is aimed at primarily text-based content, life can not fully be represented in text always. Therefore, SilverBullet supports attachments. Attachments, like Pages ultimately are — once again — just files on disk.


To create an attachment, you have a few options:

  • Use the command (especially useful on mobile devices)
  • Drag & drop files or images onto a page
  • Copy & paste files or images onto a page

All options will prompt you for a file name to use to store the attachment, and then include the attachment as an embedded image (if it was an image) or link to the file.


Attachments can be linked to in two ways:
  • Via the regular link syntax: [link text](attachment.pdf). URLs here are relative to the page, so on a page named MyFolder/Hello, [link text](attachment.pdf) would refer to an attachment stored in MyFolder/attachment.pdf.
  • Via the wiki link syntax: [[attachment.pdf]]. These paths are absolute and relative to your space’s root, just like regular page links. That is: on a page MyFolder/Hello an attachment link [[attachment.pdf]] would link to the file attachment.pdf in the space’s root folder.


Images can also be embedded using the #Linking syntax, but prefixed with an !:

  • ![alternate text](image.png)
  • ![[image.png]]

These follow the same relative/absolute path rules as links described before.

Image resizing

In addition, images can be sized using the following syntax:
  • Specifying only a width: ![Alt text|300](image.png) or ![[image.png|300]]
  • Specifying both width and height: ![Hello|300x300](image.png) or ![[image.png|300x300]]


SilverBullet does not currently support any operations like renaming or deleting of attachments. You’ll have to do this outside of SilverBullet somehow.